Tourist Apartment Management

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For your peace of mind

We work with total transparency. You will know the status of your reservations at any time through the applications. You will have qualified professionals at your disposal, via telephone, email, whatsapp, or any other, always keeping all communication channels open.


Increase your profits

Increase the profit of your Tourist Apartment while working less. Click & Book manages for you the following:

  • Demand analysis adjustment to it.
  • Price analysis periodically,
  • Presence in the main platforms,
  • Optimization of housing costs.



  • We manage your property, clients and advertisements in an integral way,
  • We optimize your property and ads on the main platforms in order to get the maximum performance.
  • We maintain the good condition of the property, managing cleaning, laundry, legalization and much more.

CLICK & BOOK is a company specialized in the Integrated Management of Tourist Apartments. Our experience in Marketing, Finance and Decoration, allows us to provide a global and excellent service. We optimize each of the aspects that can offer the apartment and take advantage of the most special features of this and the city in order to offer to guests an unique experience.

CLICK & BOOK is made up of a group of professionals trained in different disciplines and with years of experience in the Tourism and Services Sector.

Our objectives are to offer full experiences for travelers, a comprehensive and efficient management of accommodation for owners and maximize their profits.

Tourist Apartment Management in Córdoba and Málaga.

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We communicate with guests fluently, receiving and informing them about the city and apartment.

We put at your disposal our application so you can know the status of your property reservations at any time.

We manage prices periodically adapting to them to demand and the characteristics of the home and surroundings.

We solve any type of incident and eventualities that arise in the apartment or to the guests who visit our city.


We advise you to manage your home in an integral way because at Click & Book we believe that small details produce great results.


If you want to leave coffee, welcome cards or something unique, we will help you fulfill your customers' wishes & expectations.


We promise to provide guests with recommendations tailored to their expectations and needs, for a unique visit to your city.


We serve your guest immediately and effectively, feeling supported at all times by our professionals 365 days a year.